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How to Pick the Best Deck Stain

Despite the beauty and warmth often provided by decks, there is a constant need for them to be cleaned and maintained. Even after cleaning your deck, deck staining in Cincinnati OH and Northern Kentucky is the surest way to keep you deck as beautiful as it could be. If you would like to stain your deck, it is essential for you to pick the best deck stain that will improve the appearance of your deck and make your home look more beautiful. 

When it comes to picking the best deck stain, there is a need for you to give great consideration to the color and opacity of the deck stain. Although there are no rules as regards the kind of color or opacity to choose, you need to select something that suits your personal style and looks attractive to you. 

Choose your stain color wisely 

To ensure that you get the best deck stain when you are in need of deck staining in Cincinnati OH and Northern Kentucky, buy a small quantity of each of the colors you like. Test these colors in hidden places around your deck and see how good the deck stains look. With this, you should be able to decide the stain you like most. 

Pick the most suitable opacity 

After considering the colors, you also need to select the opacity you find appealing. Based on the opacities of deck stains, there are four different types of stains which are: 

  • Stains with natural opacity 

With natural opacity, there is no hiding of the true colors of your deck. As a matter of fact, natural opacity makes sure that the true beauty of your deck is clearly seen. The natural tone of your wood are protected; thereby, enhancing the appearance of your home. In case you would like to use a stain with natural opacity for your deck staining in Cincinnati OH and Northern Kentucky, you need to bear it in mind that you will have to re-stain the deck almost every year. 

  • Stains with solid opacity 

For those in need of deck staining in Cincinnati OH and Northern Kentucky that is capable of hiding the inadequacies and faults of their older decks, solid stains are highly recommended. Using solid stains, the real color of the deck will be discreetly hidden; hence, minor damaged portions will become inconspicuous. 

  • Stains with tinted opacity 

Tinted stains do not change the appearance of your deck; they only improve it. These stains are good for decks that have never been stained before. Tinted stains do not bring about conspicuous changes. With this type of deck stain, you will only have to re-stain your deck after about 3 years. 

  • Stains with semitransparent opacity 

Although semitransparent stains are substantially pigmented, they do not hide the wood grain of your deck completely. Just like stains with solid opacity, semitransparent stains are good for older decks. 

Whatever deck stain you decide to choose for your deck staining in Cincinnati OH and Northern Kentucky, you must ensure that it enhances the appearance of your home. However, selecting the best deck stain may still be a problem; therefore, hire professionals that can help you choose the best stain and apply it. Tri-State Deck Cleaning is the distinguished company you can trust for all your deck staining in Cincinnati OH and Northern Kentucky.