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How Often Should You Stain Your Deck?

Deck’s has always been one of the most commonly used places in many homes. Whether to enjoy intimate time with family and friends on it or enjoy the serenity it can offer alone; the deck is one of the favorite places in many homes today. Nevertheless, for you and your family to enjoy using the deck, deck cleaning and staining are some of the things you need to do regularly. So how often should you have deck staining in Cincinnati? There are lots of things to consider when answering this question. 

Factors to use in determining frequency of deck staining 

When you are considering how often you should have deck cleaning and staining in Northern Kentucky, these are the things you need to consider: 

Frequency of usage of the deck 

Without a doubt, the frequency of usage of a deck will directly affect its exposure to mold, mildew, cracks, and other things that often necessitate deck staining. If your deck is constantly used, its stains will wear off easily and quickly; hence, such deck will demand frequent deck staining. The number of individuals living inside a house, hosting a house party, and receiving visitors on a regular basis will all contribute to how often your deck is used. Not only will you need re-stain the deck, but you will also require regular deck cleaning in Cincinnati if your deck is constantly used. 

Weather conditions 

If your deck is in a place where it is regularly exposed to hot or rainy weather condition, the stains will wear off quickly. Rain is capable of washing away the stains while the sun, on the other hand, will have an adverse impact on the stain as its UV rays will fade out the stain. Only the stains on decks that are not constantly exposed to rain and the sun can last long. 

The type of deck stain used 

There are different kinds of deck stains, and the type you use for your deck will determine how often you will have to re-stain it. The trick to prevent regular re-staining is to use a solid stain instead of a transparent stain which will require re-staining time after time. However, it should be noted that transparent stains show the beauty of the deck more than the solid ones. Therefore, when using a solid stain, you should expect to have a less appealing deck. 


The major function of sealing a stain is to protect it against the adverse effect of the weather, especially when a weatherproof water seal is used. When your deck stain is sealed, you are ensuring that the stain lasts longer than it normally would. As a matter of fact, sealing your deck is capable of doubling the time of re-staining it. Consequently, if you want your deck cleaning and staining in Northern Kentucky to last longer, you must seal it with a weatherproof seal. 

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